Homeschooling in Michiana

Getting Started

If you are just starting to homeschool or are considering the possibility, The Homeschool Source offers many wonderful resources to help you. We recommend that you visit our Getting Started page first. We encourage you to review several of the articles listed as the authors have different suggestions. Each homeschool family is unique and has unique circumstances. The beauty of homeschooling is that learning styles are different and that education is not a “one size fits all.” There are numerous curriculums that you can use to tailor to your child’s learning style. Do not be afraid to explore different teaching methods and curriculums. The resources listed are to aid and assist you as you begin your journey. If you ever have any questions, please email us.


Choosing the right curriculum is an important decision for any homeschool parent. There are a variety of choices which are affected by many factors including: your child’s learning style, the parent’s teaching style, student self-directed versus instructor-led, online versus textbook, selecting a complete curriculum or assembling one’s own curriculum. The Homeschool Source has gathered together and organized curriculum for you to easily research. There are a variety of options on our Curriculum page for you to explore.


The Homeschool Source calendar currently lists events happening at our local Michiana libraries (soon, we will include the parks departments). You no longer need to visit several different websites to search for events. We will have all of the events listed in one place for your convenience. In the near future, we will have an app available for our members. The app will enhance your ability to learn about events in the area according to personal preferences and will enable you to greater utilize our calendar.

County Map

For each of the seven counties that make up Michiana, we have amassed information about local businesses, camps, co-ops & academies, higher education, libraries, parks, and secondary schools. All of this information is conveniently organized on the individual county pages. Click on a button to explore the resources available in the particular county.

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