Homeschool Laws

In Michigan, parents or guardians have the right to homeschool. Michigan has very few requirements for homeschoolers. You must begin homeschooling your child at the age of 6 and homeschool until the age of 18. If you remove your child from a public school to homeschool, it is recommended (though not required) that the parent inform the school district that the child has withdrawn from the school. The notification can be made by a telephone call or by written notification. The purpose of the notification is to prevent the child being truant.

Instruction must include reading, spelling, mathematics, science, history, civics (for grades 10-12), literature, writing, and English grammar.

*The above is provided as information only. The Homeschool Source does not engage in rendering legal advice. If advice is needed, one should seek the services of an attorney.

More information regarding homeschooling in Michigan can be found on the fact sheet created by the Michigan Department of Education or the Michigan Legislature.

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