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Whether you are starting to homeschool or are researching homeschooling as an option. The Homeschool Source has organized information in one place to help answer questions. Below is a snapshot of the basics for homeschooling in Indiana and Michigan. If you do not find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us for further information.

In Indiana, the governing statutes are found in the Indiana Legal Code Title 20.

  • A child is required to attend school in the beginning of the school year in which the student turns 7 years of age. The student is to remain in school until the student graduates, turns 18, or turns 16 and meets the requirements in Indiana Code 20-33-9.
  • As for days of attendance, the statute requires that a student attend school for the same number of days that the local public school is in session, which is generally 180 days. (Code 20-33-2-5). There is no stipulation on how many hours or which days the school must be in session.
  • A homeschooling parent is required to keep an attendance record of each student as the local public school superintendent may request a copy of the record. There is no specific record to be used in keeping attendance. (Code 20-33-2-5).
  • Homeschools are exempt from the state requirements for curriculums and programs used by the public school, and there is no state approved homeschool curriculum. (Code 20-33-2-12(A). However, the parent must provide an equivalent education in the English language. (Code 20-33-2-8).
  • If you remove your child from school to homeschool, you need to inform the school of your intention as the child can be deemed truant. Otherwise, there is no need to notify the school.

*The above is provided as information only. The Homeschool Source does not engage in rendering legal advice. If advice is needed, one should seek the services of an attorney.

For more information regarding homeschooling in Indiana, please refer to the information provided by the Indiana Department of Education.

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