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Come and search through the vast amount of homeschool information that has been conveniently organized all in one place. While some of the information pertains exclusively to Michiana (5 counties in Northwest Indiana and 2 counties in Southwest Michigan), The Homeschool Source shares general homeschool information for homeschoolers from any area. Come and discover the answers to your best homeschool questions!

Conventions are a great benefit for many homeschool families. Homeschoolers will have the opportunity to learn from expert speakers as well as examine curriculum from numerous vendors.

For some families, getting started homeschooling may seem like an enormous task. The Homeschool Source has gathered inspiring articles to help guide and reassure families as they begin homeschooling.

Homeschooling through high school is much different than elementary school. However, families will find joy teaching these years with the resources shared by The Homeschool Source.

Homeschoolers want to know the laws regarding homeschooling in their particular state and The Homeschool Source conveniently lists the general Indiana laws regarding homeschooling.

Each state has slightly different laws. The Homeschool Source also lists Michigan’s homeschool general laws along with links to their state websites.

Organization will look different for every family. The Homeschool Source links to a variety of blogs that share how their homeschooling family organizes their days, spaces, and lives.

Lots of families choose to keep their child home from a brick and mortar school but do not desire to plan out curriculum. In Indiana and Michigan, there are several options for families to utilize a public school at home.

The Homeschool Source serves all of your educational needs. Remote learning has become a reality over the past few years. Families will find very useful resources and tips on the site.

Homeschooling your child with disabilities may require extra research. The Homeschool Source is here to help guide your research by providing links to experts in homeschooling special needs children.

Homeschoolers are not alone on their homeschool journey. Families can find Indiana and Michigan local support groups on The Homeschool Source.

Standardized tests are one way for homeschoolers to gauge their child’s education progress. Testing companies and guidance are shared on The Homeschool Source website.

Families can homeschool and work full-time. The Homeschool Source shares resources for navigating homeschoolers with this choice.

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