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Come and discover all of the amazing curriculum available to homeschool families. The Homeschool Source continually searches for homeschooling curriculum and conveniently lists them on our website. The curriculum companies range from boxed curriculum to individual online courses. Come and explore the curriculum available to create a wonderful homeschool experience!

Some homeschool families enjoy the convenience of an “all-in-one” curriculum. This Boxed Curriculum contains all of the subjects, tests, instructions, etc. that a homeschoolers would need for an individual grade level.

Several companies have created specific curriculum resources for homeschoolers. There are companies that have curriculum listed for every subject and grade while some companies create curriculum for a specific subject. All of these companies can be found in the Curriculum Rsources

For homeschool families that are investigating a specific curriculum, there are helpful curriculum reviews available. These reviews provide detailed descriptions to help homeschoolers make an informed choice when purchasing curriculum.

The Homeschool Source continually searches to find free, useful, homeschool resources. On our Free Resources page, homeschoolers will find a wide variety of websites which can enhance their curriculum.

On the General Homeschool Resources page, homeschoolers can learn of organizations who have years of experience and are excellent resources of information.

The Homeschool Source provides families with a convenient list of companies who offer online curriculum.

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