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Educational Resources in Michiana

Come and learn about the businesses and organizations that are in the Michiana area (5 Indiana and 2 Michigan counties). Discover the exciting opportunities that are available to assist you on your homeschool journey or to enrich your learning experience. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, caregiver, or student, The Homeschool Source lists businesses and organizations by various categories in a particular county to enable our members to easily locate opportunities from summer and seasonal camps, sports teams/organizations, enrichment programs, and educational classes to libraries, theaters, museums, parks, and recreation centers. You can also learn about support groups and homeschool co-ops in the county. Come and discover the opportunities that await!

For each county in Michiana, The Homeschool Source lists businesses and communities in our area that are a great resource for homeschooling families as well as the general community.

Camps are an enjoyable, educational opportunity for children in the Michiana Area. The Homeschool Source keeps up-to-date links for all local camps from art and education to sports and STEM. There are many wonderful camps available to participate in during breaks and summer vacation.

For families that would like to connect with a Co-op or Support Group, The Homeschool Source lists these wonderful resources available in each county throughout Michiana.

The colleges and universities that are located in Michiana are excellent resources for students seeking dual enrollment as well as families looking for art, education, music, and sports events. The Higher Education in Michiana provides many opportunities for the homeschooling family.

Libraries in Michiana are a treasure trove of resources. The Homeschool Source links to all local libraries to make your search easier.

Local parks are a highlight of any childhood. The Homeschool Source provides families with the convenience of a list of all local parks in one place.

Even for homeschooling families, the secondary schools in the Michiana area are wonderful resources for camps, events, and educational opportunities.

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