General questions

By joining The Homeschool Source, your membership entitles you to view the entire website and to take advantage of the information and resources available.

The membership is currently free.

No, anyone may become a member; however, much of the information provided on the website is specific to homeschooling.

Yes, to be a member, you must complete the membership information.

On My Account page, go to My Subscription and simply click the “Cancel” button.

Our new calendar is divided into Events, Organizations, and News:

  • On Events, there are directions for the search feature. This tab allows our members to see all of the events currently listed on our calendar. This is where users can utilize the My Events feature by marking events that you would like to attend or might want to attend.
  • We are continually updating our Organizations list. Currently, all Michiana libraries, parks departments, higher education, secondary schools, and co-ops are listed on the Organizations’ tab. Our members can use this feature to find information about certain organizations or go through to select favorite organizations to quickly find events for a particular place.
  • The News’ tab is a new feature that gives organizations a place on our calendar to share information with our members.

On the Calendar homepage there are directions in the lower, left corner to guide our members in searching for events on our calendar.

No, only organizations will have access to add events to our website calendar. If you are a staff or the owner of a business or organization that would like to add events to our calendar, please email contact@onehomeschoolsource.com.

The criteria includes whether the event is open to the entire homeschool community and whether the event is appropriate for The Homeschool Source audience.

If you are a business or organization that would like to advertise or list your local events on our website, please contact us at advertising@onehomeschoolsource.com. Your events would be listed on our website calendar as well as on our smartphone app.

You have to be a member of The Homeschool Source to use the App.

To download the App, a member must click on the appropriate link located on the main Calendar page of The Homeschool Source website. Once on the App, a member must type in the same user ID that they use for The Homeschool Source website and then click on the “Forgot my password” button. A member will be prompted to create a new password.

A member of The Homeschool Source must enter the same User ID that they use for The Homeschool Source, Inc. website. A member does not need to provide any further information to use the App. All further information provided by a member is optional. All data collected will be collected by CC Community, Inc.
No, The Homeschool Source, Inc. does not own the App. The Homeschool Source, Inc. uses the App through an agreement between CC Community, Inc. and The Homeschool Source, Inc. CC Community, Inc. provides the App and the Calendar per the agreement.
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