General Homeschool Resources

These websites provide general homeschool information that is useful for homeschool families. If you are aware of any general homeschool resources not listed, please contact us.

HLSDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) is a national support group that was established to advocate for the freedom to homeschool, particularly in the United States. They help member families with legal issues that may arise as a result of homeschooling as well as offer extensive resources and support for every aspect of homeschooling. The website covers a broad range of topics that are pertinent to homeschoolers. There is an annual membership fee.

IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators) is a support group for Indiana residents that assists homeschooling families by sponsoring seminars and events for homeschoolers and to protect the freedom of homeschoolers by influencing the legislative process. They work to maintain visibility of homeschoolers with government leaders in Indiana. IAHE is a resource of information for laws and regulations as well as general homeschool information for Indiana residents. They sponsor an annual homeschool convention as well as other events throughout Indiana. There is a membership fee depending upon level of membership.

MICHN (Michigan Christian Homeschool Network) is a support group for homeschoolers in Michigan. They provide information, instruction, and support to Michigan homeschoolers and hold an annual conference in Lansing in May as well as other smaller conferences throughout the state. They connect over 5000 homeschooling families in Michigan to provide encouragement and support. Also, they work to maintain a presence with legislators and monitor public policy. There is a membership fee.

NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) was established to research and understand those who homeschool and to speak with legislators, media, and organizations about homeschooling. They serve as speakers at conferences for both homeschoolers and those who are interested in learning more about homeschooling.

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