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What We Do

The Homeschool Source has a calendar which contains valuable information about events and opportunities happening in the Michiana region. It is user friendly and functional as it provides a schedule of local events. Click here to see more details!

Presently we serve five Indiana and two Michigan counties. For each county, there are links to local and homeschool resources which allows our members to connect directly with these organizations. Check out more details here!

At the Homeschool Source, we appreciate that there is a vast amount of information regarding homeschooling and education. We have organized and simplified pertinent information to enable our members to discover what is available quickly and efficiently. Further details can be found here!

The Homeschool Source has gathered resources regarding the various types of curriculum available and organized the information for our members. This enables our members to discover and determine the curriculums that best fit their needs. Discover more details here!

Who Can Join

Homeschool Families

Come discover the resources in our community to enhance your family’s home-based education. The Homeschool Source is here to assist families on their homeschool journey.

Non-homeschool Families

Anyone is welcome to join. This website is a valuable tool for everyone to utilize: stay-at-home parents, grandparents, and families with children in public or private school.

Our Community

The homeschool movement is growing and more than 2,000 families currently homeschool in the Michiana region. The Homeschool Source is here to help businesses and organizations connect with the homeschool community.

If you do not currently have a listing on our website, please contact us. We invite you to learn more about this untapped market.

Our Mission

The homeschool community is set up in small configurations which limit the circulation of information. As a result, many businesses and educational institutions struggle with reaching the homeschool community. The purpose of The Homeschool Source is to provide homeschool families and the local community with a single point of communication and a support network.

Homeschooling families will enjoy all of our resources.

Where We Serve

Michiana counties we serve!


“I have been educating my children from elementary into high school over the past 12 years. There are so many great community resources available to us; however, finding them from various channels can be difficult. The Homeschool Source website will be a useful tool for busy homeschooling families searching for just the right activities. I am personally excited about using it to help support our family’s educational goals.”

Lisa, Homeschool Mom

“I am so excited about this new homeschooling resource in our area! Being able to learn about activities and organizations in counties both in Michigan and Indiana is great for our family. I love the fact that I can search by categories that interest us. Whether it’s finding groups with similar interests, field trips, library events, or curriculum reviews, having everything at my finger tips is so helpful!”

Marla, Homeschool Mom

“Our work depends on reaching as many students from as many different backgrounds as possible. Getting in touch with many students and families in a cost effective way is a critical challenge for any education organization. With the benefits The Homeschool Source provides we have a chance to reach a community we value in a more efficient way.”

Alex, The South Bend Code School
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